Network Policy

(this translation is non-committal)


The university of Bonn and the Studentenwerk want to provide to all residents of the student accommodation internet for their scientific work. Provided the funding, maintenance and acceptance by the user, the internal network infrastructure shall be available to the user. In this spirit the terms of use are intended as a minimum consensus.

§ 1 User Obligations

(1) The usage is bound to a responsible-minded and considerate handling and shall aim at scientific benefit. In case of arising conflicts all non-scientific applications are to be terminated.

(2) The terms of use of the Bonnet and the internet netiquette apply to the dormitory network by analogy. The usage of any other networks requires the acceptance of their terms of use, additionally. The Bonnet is only available to students enrolled at the university of Bonn.

(3) Any commercial usage, disclosure of access information to a third party, e.g. via phone, any erratic or excessive recalling of data are prohibited. So are the operation of unattended computers with no extensive power saving function as well as automatable processes at peak load hours which can be shifted to off-peak hours. Prohibited is changing one's own network address or name as well as information or protocol headers of others. It is forbidden to even try to spy upon others communication via the network or the operation of network monitors / security scanners. It is not allowed to use or to convey any information obtained without authorization. Do not impair, imperil, hamper or harass anyone, do not even attempt to. Do not interfere with the network operation by ignorance or thoughtlessness.

(4) The user is obliged to cooperate with the network administrators in matters pertaining to network operation. The used hardware and software, as well as its extent of application is subject to the administrators consent. Any service interruptions, identified misuse or attacks are to be reported to the administrators.

§ 2 Disclaimer

(1) Use the network at your own risk.

(2) In particular, there can be no damage claims, resulting from network failure, excess voltage damage, manipulation of data, loss of data or misuse of data on computers connected to the network. No compensation claims may arise from using false or corrupted programs or information by neither the user nor the administrator.

(3) All users are requested not to store data deserving protection on computers connected to the network and to transmit them only using encryption. Please remove data cables in case of thunderstorms or prolonged absence.

§ 3 Network Administration

(1) The Studentenwerk assigns the „student self-administration“ to administrate the use of the network according to these Terms of Use, supplemented by their own student residences' Terms of Use. The elected network tutors and network mentors are obliged to establish and maintain network security, stable operation and user optimization. They are furthermore obliged to be fair to all residents and to report to the Hausvollversammlung (general house assembly) and to the Studentenwerk. The Studentenwerk may remove network tutors and network mentors from office in case of violation of duty, and name interim replacements until the student self-administration resolves the matter. Any requests to the Hausvollversammlung (general house assembly) pertaining the network are to be on display at least one week in advance at the information board in the dormitory.

(2) The network tutors and network mentors decide about the use of the network's resources. They issue regulations for technical details, assign email-ip-addresses and domains and supervise the compliance with these Terms of Use. They may restrict the use of the network to avoid conflicts. They may block a onnection without any prior warning, for technical reasons, in case of violation of §1. User Obligations or the law. Here, the Studentenwerk may still institute legal proceedings, including the law of tenancy, at liberty.

(3) The network tutors and network mentors and the network maintenance companies, assigned by the Studentenwerk, are not restricted by these Terms of Use from fulfilling their duty. Every user grants them the right to collect the necessary data by analysis, storage and statistical evaluation of protocol headers. They may not analyze any further contents of the data packets without the consent of the sender or the recipient. The automated filtering according to relevant security risks, such as viruses, is valid. Suspicious facts of violation of these Terms of Use are to be resolved in cooperation with the user concerned.

(4) A domain name, once assigned, remains reserved to the particular user. The Studentenwerk regulates any exceptions.

(5) These Terms of Use may be altered at any time by the Studentenwerk. Changes by the Hausvollversammlung (general house assembly) gain validity if there is no veto from the Studentenwerk or the Rechenzentrum (computer center).

Last updated by the Network Conference of October 30 2001 and July 22 2003.