Failure report

In rare cases it might happen, that the network socket is broken. In such a case a failure on a single network sockets can be reported by submitting a failure report.

The following things should be checked first:

  • the used network cable should be a cable of type Cat 5e FTP or better (see print on the cable). If possible the cable should be replaced by a new one
  • if possible, try to connect a wifi router/computer/laptop of a neighbour or friend (which has network connectivity at another socket) to your own network socket, to check if it works. Also try another working network cable on your network socket, to check whether your cable might be broken
  • please also check if your wifi router/computer/laptop works on another network socket. If your device does not work on another socket, the problem is most likely one which is caused by your own device
  • check if the network socket is locked. If so, after resolving the cause for the lock the network socket can be unlocked again
  • take a look at the FAQs to rule out frequently occurring problems FAQ
  • get in contact with the technical support to have a diagnosis running on your connection

If a problem with the own device/network cable can be ruled out due to the checklist above, you can submit a completely filled out:

by e-mail to .

Please keep in mind: the network service of the provider ends at the network socket in your room. Failure reports that are submitted for a properly working network socket (for example due to a broken connected computer or wrong settings) will be charged according to time and effort.