Wifi 5 GHz

When using an old wifi router (wifi standard 4 or older) disturbances of Internet connection or even complete outages can occur. The problem for this is an increasing radio traffic in the 2.4 GHz range caused by other wifi networks, Bluetooth devices, Microwaves and the like.

As network provider we have no influence on this.

Therefore it is strongly recommended to switch to the 5 GHz range if possible.

  • Wifi router with wifi standard 6 or at least wifi 5. For a list of wifi routers which are supporting the 5 GHz range take a look at recommended wifi routers.
  • Devices (computer, smart phone, tablet …) which support the 5 GHz range (can be easily tested or looked up in the technical specifications).
  • Correct setup of devices

The network service of the provider ends at the network socket in your room. For the wifi set up behind it, no functioning guarantee can be given.

TP-Link router ASUS router

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