Wifi networks are available at several sites. Two of these can be used by students or users of the dormitories:

  • eduroam-stw
  • StudNet

For eduroam-stw you need an account of a university or research facility, which is participating in Eduroam.

The setup for Eduroam is described on the university's HRZ page:

The authentication is done by using the credentials of the university/research facility.

In addition there is a Wifi network available, which can be accessed by using the StudNet credentials.

Wifi networks are available at the following locations:

  • Nassestraße 11 (building of the Studierendenwerk) in Cafeleven and canteen 2nd floor
  • Nassestraße 15 in Carls Bistro
  • Poppelsdorfer canteen (covering all floors)
  • Venusberg canteen (Klinikum)
  • Römerlager dormitory (common room house A and B)
  • Am Bleichgraben (common room in No. 2 and 6)
  • Babette-Koch-Weg (gaming room in No. 1, bar and garden in No. 2)
  • Bismarckstraße 4 (bar, common room and garden)
  • Endenicher Allee 17 (common room)
  • Hermann-Wandersleb-Ring 6 (bar and garden)
  • Oppelner Str. 41 / TaBu I (hall)
  • Steinweg 44 - International Guesthouse (common room)
  • Carl-Schurz-Haus (1st floor)
  • Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus (club, garden, hall and roof)
  • Newmanhaus (bar)
  • Tillmannhaus (1st floor)
  • Ulrich-Haberland-Haus (bar and hall)
  • Werner-Klett-Haus (bar)
  • St. Augustin, Europaring 86 (bar)