Network cable

Network cable which are not at least Cat 5e FTP or better do NOT fulfill the requirements of the network standard of GBit ethernet of the StudNet.

In many cases such substandard network cable cause problems like slow network connection or disconnects. Often those problems do only occur after some time, so that localizing the network cable as cause for the problem is rather difficult.

For the connection with the StudNet it is therefore strongly recommended to use one of the listed network cable types (check print on cable):

  • Cat 5e FTP, SFTP or SSTP
  • Cat 6/Cat 6a SFTP or SSTP
  • Cat 7 SFTP or SSTP

The network cable should have a metal shield around the connector:

cable-cat5e-ftp.jpg cable-cat6-sstp.jpg cable-cat7-sftp.jpg

Most network cables which are provided with wifi routers are NOT of one of the above recommended types and should therefore be replaced.

cable-cat5-utp.jpg cable-cat5e-utp.jpg

Do not use a simple Cat 5 cable!