Technical support / Hotline

The fulfillment of the provider ends at the network socket in your room. Connected devices, the wifi router, devices connected to the wifi router, the network cable from the network socket to the device and installed software on connected devices are always in the responsibility of the user.

The setup of the Internet connection is described in detail here.

The setup of the Internet connection is explained in detail here. Furthermore, network mentors are the technical support for the Internet connection in your dorm. If you have questions or problems, you can get in contact with them. In general there is a list at the entrance of your student dorm with name and room number of the network mentors (sometimes even with their consultation hours).

In addition we can provide assistance by e-mail. Please provide a full description of your issue and information of your location. See e-mail support for more details.

If the network socket does not work anymore (this site cannot be accessed anymore), in most cases the reason is a locked network socket. By using the hotline telephone computer you can run a diagnosis on your Internet connection 24/7.

The phone number of the hotline is 0228 ⁄ 28627252.

The service support staff is also available on Monday and Thursday between 1pm and 2pm under the same phone number, to provide help with additional questions.