Windows PPTP VPN errors

On this page we will try to give some hints about PPTP VPN errors that can occur under Windows.

Error 691

This error means, that user name and/or password are wrong. To check if your login data are correct, please visit If the login is not possible there, your user name and/or password are not matching to the stored data or the registration is not finished. In this case it is easiest to reset your account through password reset and register again.

Error 769

This error occurs when the network connection to the local network is not present. It means that the necessary dial-in VPN server are not reachable. If a fully working connection to the local network is present can be checked by trying to access If this site is not reachable, the following could be the cause:

  • the IP address or the DNS server address are wrong. Both have to be set to be acquired automatically (Trojans/computer viruses can mess up the DNS configuration).

A full diagnosis of the network connection is described in our FAQs under My Internet does not work (anymore).

If the site is reachable and error 769 shows up, the following might be the cause:

  • the VPN connection was created manually and when entering the server address an additional space character was entered at the end of the line. Please check.

Error 800

Error 800 can occur, if a firewall software is installed on the computer. This can cause problems with the Internet Login. To check if this is an issue, please deactivate the firewall and try again. If this helps, you need to reconfigure the firewall to support PPTP VPN. Please contact the manufacturer of the firewall on how to do this. You can also use Windows internal firewall. If a deactivating the firewall does not help, you might need to fully uninstall the firewall and/or antivirus software.

Errors on setup under Windows: "Wizard is not responding"/"Invalid connection name"

In both cases the system service Routing and RAS is inactive. The service must be started. Consult the manufacturer of your computer in such a case, since this is an error in the system software.

Error 619 (CISCO-VPN)

This problem can occur if you have installed the Cisco VPN dialer or CISCO VPN client.+ In this case please disable the firewall of the Cisco client (Stateful firewall). If this does not help, please fully uninstall the Cisco VPN client.