Send configuration Windows

The output must be created when the device is connected to the network socket and the problem is existent. If you create the output when the device is connected to another network connection, this does not help to diagnose the problem concerning your connection.

Please follow these steps:

  • connect the device in question to the network socket in your room
  • create the output according to instructions below
  • mail the network configuration to the e-mail support

Open the Search (Windows 7: Press Start → Search programs and files):

Search cmd and click on terminal:

In the black terminal window write ipconfig /all and press enter:

Look at the screenshot on how to mark the whole output:

Now copy the marked output:

Type notepad into the terminal to open an editor:

Now paste the copied output into notepad:

Save the output as a text file (e.g. on your desktop):

Send this file (with your network configuration) to the e-mail support: