Internet login (PPTP VPN) for Linux

For StudNet accounts with move-in date on the renting contract BEFORE February 2022 or in some shared apartments you need to set up an Internet login on the connected device to be able to use the Internet. This means installing the VPN connection which is necessary for connecting to the Internet, for which you have the following options:

Configuration using the network manager

The recommended and very user-friendly option of installation is via the graphical user interface of the network manager.

Configuration using a VPN start script

This variant uses a VPN start script, which is setting up all necessary routes and checks the needed programs and program versions, to connect to the pptp with or without encryption.

Configuration using ppp peers files

The above provided script should work in most cases. The pppd peers file, that is provided here, can be used to start a connection automatically (e.g. using Ubuntu/Debian). After restart, the connection should also appear in the network manager.