IPoE settings ASUS wifi router

In order to check or adjust the configuration settings you need to open the router's configuration website. The address is printed on the back of router or can be found in the manual. The configuration website likely has one of the following addresses:

Use the login data printed on the back of the wifi router for access to the configuration website, if you have not already changed the login credentials.

If the website is not accessible anymore, you might need to restore the factory default. Instructions on how to do that can be found in the router manual.

Go to Advanced SettingsWAN.

Select the following below Internet Connection:

  • WAN Connection Type: Automatic IP
  • Enable WAN: Yes
  • Enable NAT: Yes
  • NAT Type: Symmetric
  • Connect to DNS Server automatically: Yes
  • DHCP query frequency: Normal Mode

Save the settings with Apply.

To obtain an IPv6 address and subnet definitions you should check the IPv6 settings and if needed adjust them and save with Apply.