TP-Link router

One of the tested and recommended TP-Link wifi router should be used for Internet connection in the StudNet.

The wifi router has to be connected with the single (blue) WAN/Internet port to the network socket in your room. If you are using one of the LAN ports your network socket could be locked or the network connection will not work.

Router configuration website

Open the router's configuration website. The address is printed on the back of router or can be found in the manual. The configuration website likely has one of the following addresses:

Use the login data printed on the back of the wifi router for access to the configuration website, if you have not already changed the login credentials.

If the website is not accessible anymore, you might need to restore the factory default. Instructions on how to do that can be found in the router manual.

Internet setup

Depending on router type and software version, the configuration interface looks a bit different. Please click on the below design, which matches your router configuration webpage best to get the instruction on how to setup the Internet connection: