Send configuration ASUS

The output must be created when the device is connected to the network socket and the problem is existent. If you create the output when the device is connected to another network connection, this does not help to diagnose the problem concerning your connection.

Please follow these steps:

  • connect the device in question to the network socket in your room
  • create the output according to instructions below
  • mail the network configuration to the e-mail support

If your wifi router is connected correctly and the configuration is ok but the Internet connection is not working, please provide us with the below listed screenshots: Advanced Settings → WAN, Advanced Settings → LAN and General → Network Map / Status.

In order to create these, open the router's configuration website. The address is printed on the back of the wifi router or you can find it in the manual. The configuration website likely has one of the following addresses:

Use the default login data printed on the back of the wifi router for access to the configuration website, if you have not already changed the login credentials.

If you have lost or forgotten the the login data of your wifi router you have to restore the factory default. Instructions on how to do that can be found in the manual.

If you have access to the configuration website (again) create the following THREE screenshots:

Advanced Settings -> WAN

Advanced Settings -> LAN

General -> Network Map / Status

Please send the screenshots with all other additional needed information via e-mail to the technical support.